Qualitative Methodology

Academic Advantage Consulting is an expert when it comes to constructing a qualitative methodology! Selecting the proper methodology is a very important aspect of your dissertation research, as it not only will provide you with strong results, it also will help future researchers continue any studies in the area at a later date. Our team works with all methodologies; however, has the strongest understanding of qualitative methodology process. 

Academic Advantage Consulting can walk you through all aspects of the methodology section (typically called Chapter 3), ensuring that you have the correct number of participants for your study, the correct type of research design, as well as to ensure that the work is aligned with the other sections of your dissertation. 

Before getting started on this section of the dissertation, our team will consult with you to determine the best type of qualitative research design: phenomenology, case study, etc. Also, we will discuss with you participant selection, the number of participants, and the importance of data saturation.