Dissertation Literature Review

The literature review section (typically called Chapter 2) is one of the most time-consuming areas of the dissertation process to complete. This section involves diving heavily into the literature to ensure that there is a strongly defined gap in the literature, as well as other sources that ensure the need for your study. Basically, this is the chapter that defines YOU as the expert in your field. 

Academic Advantage Consulting can assist you with literature review help by completing the research and writing your dissertation literature review. We will provide you with a list of 20 resources that act as the gap in the literature, with each one describing how they relate to your study. After your initial review of the resource list, our team can help draft and organize your literature review, providing you with 30-35 pages of written text for you to review.

There are two items to consider when working on your literature review. Firstly, we need to ensure that 75 to 80 percent of your references are current (within the last five years) and the other remaining 20-25 percent are seminal. 

Secondly, it is a better idea to have a strong grasp on your Introduction and your Methodology before starting your Literature Review, as it is important to ensure that all of the information in these two sections are contained and supported in your research. If your university requires the literature review before the other chapters (which sometimes can be the case), don't fret! We can definitely work around this!