Dissertation Topic Selection

Are you feeling anxious about what topic you would like to focus on during your dissertation topic selection? If so, you are not alone! In fact, many graduate students oftentimes feel overwhelmed by selecting a topic, simply because their universities don't agree with their interests, or there are too many ideas that are being focused on.

Academic Advantage Consulting can help you take a step back, find your interests, and help develop a strong topic by ensuring that there is an adequate gap in the literature that supports your study. Remember, the topic selection is oftentimes one of the most time-consuming portions of the dissertation process, simply due to the amount of research that has to be completed. 

Our team has access to a multitude of databases that allows us to ensure that your topic is strong and supported by recent resources.

On another note, it is much easier to keep your topic as simple as possible. Many graduate students that we work with are focused on a topic that they want to save the world with. Although this passion is admirable, it can definitely hinder your dissertation process, simply by making the process too complicated, which can result in many revisions from your mentor and/or committee.

Our advice is to keep an open mind and allow the gap in the literature to support your study!